Bob Hope Airport

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Wednesday, Jul 30th

Last update03:47:00 PM GMT

Limousine Parking Procedures

Limousine Procedures

The Bob Hope Airport currently has the following procedures regarding limousines:

1. No pick ups are permitted at the Airport curbs.

a. The driver must park their vehicle at a designated location, greet their customer at the terminal, and return to their vehicle with customer and baggage to exit Airport property. Two oversize parking spaces are available in short term parking if needed. Limousine drivers must pay posted parking rates while waiting in any Bob Hope Airport parking lot for their passengers to arrive.

2. Drop offs at curb.

a. Limousines are permitted to drop off at the Airport Terminal loading and unloading curb. Drop offs are not permitted at the shuttle curbs. After completing drop off, limousines must exit without picking up any customers.